I was so pleased to finally go to Mangapp Manor on the 12th of July. I've been talking to my bride Sarah for almost a year about her chosen venue and it was great to finally go and see it. Its a very impressive building, tucked away in the pretty town of Burnham, and its grounds were beautiful, complete with a lake and a getty for your outside ceremony! They have purpose built an undercover area for the guests to be seated and it provides a very romantic and modern place to say your vows. The well manicured lawns are laid out with giant games, such as Jenga, connect 4, something for the adutls and children.

If you are thinking of a venue, that is open, friendly, with impressive grounds then have a visit out to Mangapp. It was a well run morning, with the wedding planner Sacha keeping everyone in order. Although it was a big venue, it felt personal and it was nice to hear that the family that own the manor still reside there.
Great morning and a beautiful Bride! I loved her almost art deco style and 'Great Gatsby' theme, pearls and diamonds. Check the 'My Brides' section for updates for the photos. xxx

So I'm having a little think about what my Sunday blog should be about and I think I should get back to what I love talking about the most, which is Makeup. So I've put together a list on must have items for your wedding day, that if you have decided to do your own Bridal Makeup, should be on your shopping list. Firstly, depending on how much makeup you wear and what look you have in mind, either visit a counter or salon for a Makeup lesson or watch some online tutorials. Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss are particularly good to watch and visit either Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown or any brand that takes your eye. Or you can either get in touch with me for a personal tutorial Wink. If you have no idea where to start when it comes to makeup, please look for an Artist! It'll take all the stress out of the wedding morning.
Here is 'The Shopping List'

1. Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer. This will bling your skin and will keep your makeup on all day. Find out more at www.lauramercier.com.
2. A good long lasting foundation. It depends on your skin type but have a good shop around. Estee Lauder Double Wear, Clinque Super balance and Bobbi Brown Even Skin are good places to start!
3. Bobbi Brown Corrector and Concealer. Nothing blocks out grey under the eye like these babies. If you suffer with more of a puffy eye rather than shadows, then the famous YSL touche eclat is hard to beat!
4. A water proof gel eye liner to give the eyes a more open look. Try Bobbi Brown for this. www.bobbibrown.co.uk
5.Clinique High Impact Mascara for full, thick and long lashes. I know mascara is expensive, but some of the high street brands can melt through the day. Not good on a hot August wedding.
6. Any Bronzer and Blush from MAC. They are usually highly pigmented and last. Soft pinks are lovely on Brides, but so are corals. Don't go for anything too shimmery for flash back in your photos.
7. A good eyeshadow palette. Look no further than Urban Decay 'Naked 2'. Love this, so gorgeous. www.urbandecay.com
8. A long lasting lippy. This will depend on your colour scheme and of course what suits your skin tone but Bobbi Brown lipsticks in Matt are lovely and last. They don't have any fragrance or taste that you'll be tempted to lick off. Avoid anything that is a stain, they'll bleed and end up drying your lips out. You will need to touch your lipstick up during the day. Re applied colour looks fresher than ones that stain and claim to stay put all day.

Last of all I would HIGHLY recommend 'She Laq' by Benefit. It comes with a mini brush kit to draw the product over the eyes and mascara to keep it in place all day. I've been using this product on my Brides for about ten years.

Happy shopping everyone and have a great weekend in the sunshine! xx

Hi everyone! Just a quick message to let you know that I shall be exhibiting at the Spains Hall Wedding Fayre on September 22nd. I believe the Fayre will run from 11am till 4pm and if you haven't ever visited this venue, make the effort to go as it is simply stunning! Not only does it have beautiful grounds with hundreds of great locations for photography, it has the choice of several areas for your civil ceremony, either the converted, more modern stables or the gorgeous Drawing room in the Hall itself. And of course there are the outside locations. Not only that but if you want a Church wedding then the picture postcard village of Finchingfield is minutes away, with its own lovely church. Spains also boasts two guest houses, one that can be hired for the Bridal Party's exclusive use on the morning of the wedding! What could be more perfect?
I feel so lucky to be able to come and visit this lovely venue again and to have a stand there on the 22nd. I know it will be a lovely day and its always nice for me to meet new suppliers, make some friends and of course meet lovely brides to be! So if you would like to come and see me in person and have a chat about your Bridal Makeup then I'd love to see you there!
Bye for now! xxx

Ok folks this is my first time writing a blog, so I hope that you find what I have to say interesting and informative. Although my website is new, as is my facebook page, be assured I have been a Bridal Makeup Artist for a long time, over ten years and I’m pretty confident that I’ve seen it all! There’s not much I don’t know about Wedding Makeup and I love the Wedding industry, I love being part of a Bride’s special day and you get to meet so many people. And of course to see so many different types of weddings. So hopefully you might find some of what I say useful! Also if there is anything you’d like me to blog about, feel free to drop me a line through my facebook page or email me direct!

I’m going to write a quick rundown on what key points you should, as a bride, be looking for when you book your wedding makeup artist. I’ve found that I’ll always have one or two weddings a year that have linked on from another wedding I’ve done, so word of mouth basically. I did a beautiful wedding this year in West Hanningfield and the Bride was the sister in law of my best friend, whose makeup I’d also done four years previously. And as a bride, seeing the work up close and first hand is the best way to find your makeup artist. But if you haven’t been to any weddings recently and are busy trawling the web planning yours, here are my points to look out for!
1. The two biggest hit my website gets are firstly photographic evidence of work and two prices. No surprises there. So when you find a page you like, have a look at the artist’s work to make sure you like what you see.
2. Check out the Testimonial Page for up to date feedback from Brides! Sometimes there will be a link to their facebook page and this is where you might find more feedback.
3. Have they got a facebook page? This will often be where the Artist will update most and it’ll be where you can interact with them.
4. Are they going to be at any local wedding fairs? If they are get your skates on and go and see them there. Nothing better to have a chat in person.
5. Price! Of course you have to choose a price that fits with your budget, but don’t be tempted to go for the most reasonable, or be put off by the most expensive. They’ll have priced themselves according to their qualifications, experience and the area they cover
.6. What products do they use? Are they long lasting, well known, reputable brands that you’ve used or heard of? Do they use speciality products like Airbase or another airbrushing system? Do they offer any other services that you might want like False Lashes or semi permanent make up?
7. Give them a call and have a chat. There is no better way to get a feel of the person than to hear their voice. Try to do this rather than emailing or texting. You don’t want to have zero communication until the Artist arrives for your trial six weeks before your wedding and you have a change of heart and realise they aren’t for you.
Hope that was helpful. I shall be keeping this blog up to date with any recent wedding experiences, product reviews and handy tips on planning your wedding. Happy planning! xx