On the blog this evening I get to share a picture of the lovely Mrs. Turner who was married to her very handsome husband at Parklands at Quendon in April. It was a lovely sunny day, completely perfect for a wedding and the bride had a very soft makeup using a mixture of Bare Minerals and  Bobbi Brown. We went for a shimmey eye which was complemented by a black liner to give the eye makeup a lift. Roxanne chose a pretty pink lipstick from my collection, which was very brightening and as you can see from the photo, suited her very well. The bride wore her own lashes, by Eyelure, which I applied.


We started off in the Bridal Suite upstairs which is an area dedicated to the preparation of the bridal party and is amazing for a Makeup Artist to work in,  there is plenty of space, lots of light, tea and coffee on hand and bathrooms. Roxanne had five bridesmaids,who all wore a fantastic cadbury purple gown each. They were a great group of girls, really fun and chatty and made the morning a memorable one.


To get the look please see the product list below. Enjoy! xx


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Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Fairly Light

Bobbi Brown Concealer in Warm Ivory

Bare Minerals Blusher in Promise

Bare Minerals shimmer eye shadows in Celestine, Nude Beach and Drama

Eyelure Lashes 101

Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in No.34 Tulle


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Bobbi Brown. Bare Minerals. Eyelure.



Leez Priory

I was very lucky to be able to go along to assist the lovely Michelle Lacey of Bumble Bee Bridal recently at Leez Priory. This venue is simply stunning and is the epitome of a fairy tale wedding venue, when you pull in it literally takes your breath away. Leez is a very prestigious venue that is run by The Country House Wedding group, who also run Gosfield Hall, another beautiful venue. Lucky couples are able to choose from six areas to have their ceremony in this 16th century former monastery, among them the coach house, the Tower and the great hall. For the Bridal Party, there is a gorgeous cottage, nestled within the grounds where the bride and her bridesmaids can stay the night before the wedding and begin getting ready the next day. For a makeup artist it is a dream location, with lovely light and lots of room and very helpful staff. I had a lovely morning there, doing the makeup for two of the bridal party and hope to go back soon! xx


red lips


In celebration of VE day and remembering those who fought in WW2 I have been inspired to look back over the truly glam 1940s beauty looks. Even though the UK was heavily rationed and silk stockings were in very short supply, women of the 1940s really knew how to rock a red lippy. It was one of the limited colours available back then yet still looked amazing and created a fashion that is synonymous with this time period. And yet it is one of the makeup skills we have the biggest hangups with. We are constantly plaugued with what type of red to choose and if we are brave enough to wear it. My advice is try it. Its going to look amazing and red really draws the eye. A woman who wears a red lipstick is confiedent, sophistcated and knows it. She also knows that red lippy compliments practically any outfit. Here are some tips on wearing a fab red.

1. Pick your red! If you are fairer of skin pick a lighter more orangey red. If you are pink toned or have a tendancy to flush, stay away of pinky fuschia toned reds. Plumy reds look amazing on olive toned to warmer, deeper and richer skin tones.

2. Do your foundation properly. You cannot wear a red lipstick and have failed to conceal blemishes and any darkness under the eye. 1940s glamour also rocked the creamy pale skin tones, everything very neat and even.

3. Take extra care around the nose and chin. These areas get red easily and you will need to make sure they are properly concealed.

4. Pick a pretty blusher that gives you a natural pinky glow, not flushed red or coral.

5. You dont have to wear a lipliner but it helps to colour in any areas that you may have forgotten. Do this after you apply your lipstick.

6. For an ultra precise application use a lipbrush and slather your lips with balm if they are dry. This helps the lipstick to glide on.

7. The pointed cupids bow was a decade earlier than this look so keep them as natural as possible.

8. If you are unsure about a matte red, which will be very full pigment then perhaps pick a gloss or a sheer lip colour. It will give you the colour but not the heavey coverage.

9. Do not forget your eyes. It was black khol back then, the only shade available but it worked well. If it isnt broke dont fix it.

There are some awesome red lippys on the market but my top three are.

3. Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion

2. Mac Russian Red

1. Bobbi Brown Red No 10. Love it.

Have a go! xxxx

I've recently received many frantic calls from Brides who have forgotten that they have do something with their makeup on their wedding day. Getting your wedding makeup done is as important as buying the dress, as is booking your hair stylist. It all adds to the perfect, polished look that you first dreamed of when you bought the magazines and began picking out your favourite dresses.

It will also last all day and give you one less thing to worry about. It will also make you feel relaxed. You've worked your socks off planning this wedding for the last one to two years so why should you be worrying about wobbly eyeliner on the big day? Please dont leave it late. Visit Bridal fairs, research online and find someone you like and book a trial. There is usually no obligation to keep the date if you didn't hit it off. If you have left it late and believe you me hard working Bridal makeup artists get booked in advance, here are a couple of tips to help you out.

1. Watch some online tutourials on youtube. Lisa Eldridge is one of my favourites!

2.Visit a makeup counter or book a lesson. They can advise you and you can buy the products that you need. Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals are excellent at this.

3. Ask a makeup inclined friend to help you. She/He might be a whizz at liner and can help you on the day. Hopefully this person could be one of your bridesmaids.

4. Ask your Hairdresser if she knows anyone, chances are they work with many artists and can reel a few off. Even the wedding venue might have a list of suppliers they regually use.

5.Dont panic! No matter what, you will look beautiful. Makeup should make you look like a more radiant version of yourself and no one is more happy than a bride on her wedding day!

image 1

Firstly huge apologies that this is a long time coming. Though I've been working, I also had my second baby girl in June and life has been hectic.

So I wanted to do a very quick post about lashes! Have you been watching this years beautiful line up on Strictly? Or X Factor? For me watching these every week is a feast for the eyes, I cant get enough of the amazing makeup, costumes and hair. But I wanted to ask if any of you had wondered how those makeup artists manage to give those contestants Hollywood glamour lashes? Eyes to dive into, it seems that those lashes go on forerver, sending us looking for the mircale mascara that can emulate those looks. Well the simple answer is that there isnt a mascara out there capable of making your lashes grow a centimetre overnight, but a little trickery goes a long way.

If you decide to go semi permanent or have a go applying your own that you've picked up in a highstreet store, lashes are a easy way to give you those Hollywood eyes and can be spectacular for any bridal look. I always get asked if I apply lashes and the answer is that yes I can source lashes that will compliment your Bridal Makeup. If you arent used to wearing them a great time to try them out will be in the Bridal Trial. You need to know that the lashes wont slip down during the 'kiss the bride' moment and will last you to the wee hours. And also you want to be sure that you feel comfortable wearing them. If you are interested in lashes for your trial, I can source you some from a wide variety that include MAC, Revlon and many more. Just let me know at the time of booking and I can personalise this service for you!

If you decide to have Semi permanent lashes applied, which is a great way to go mascara free, especially if yuo are heading off on honeymoon straight away, make sure you find a reputable technician and do your research as they can be costly!