It was a great pleasure to meet Kirsty and her bridal party on the 30th September, my last september wedding! So I guess you could say an end to the summer wedding season. I've still got weddings in October and November so don't worry, plenty more to come. Kirsty had booked her wedding at Gosfield under very sad circumstances, in that her Dad was vey ill and wanted to see her walk down the ailse, so this was a very special and also very bittersweet wedding morning. It was clear that the whole party meant so much to one another and that they all adored Kirsty, which is wonderful to see! 

Kirsty chose to have Airbase, she has a gorgeous freckly skin, but we colour corrected in the centre and fanned out. Sometimes it looks more natural to colour correct the freckles in the centre of the face and leave some visable around the edges rather than trying to hide them completley, they are what makes you different and unique after all! She also wanted a defined, gold and cream smokey eye, with some Ardell lashes. She looked amazing and I loved going to Gosfield, its always a pleasure! xxx